Google Daydream offers accessible way to experience smartphone-powered VR

Tech giant Google has taken virtual reality (VR) to the next level, making it more accessible through its new Daydream View VR headset.

The $79-priced Daydream VR headset offers an accessible mechanism for experiencing smartphone-powered virtual reality, essentially because the mobile VR experience is largely unfolded with the help of a low-cost accessory used with a smartphone.

Experts predict roll back of Net-neutrality regulations under Donald Trump

With Donald Trump winning the 2016 US presidential elections, some telecom investors and experts have projected that the landmark Net-neutrality regulations by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in early 2015 will likely be rolled back.

According to the projections, Net-neutrality regulations - which were being touted as one of the key tenants of Obama-era government regulation - will probably be eased under Donald Trump's presidency. The regulations chiefly ban data throttling and paid fast lanes.

GoPro recalls nearly 2,500 units of new ‘Karma’ drone

In a Tuesday announcement, action-camera manufacturer GoPro Inc. has revealed that nearly 2,500 units of the company's new 'Karma' drone are being recalled because of reports that a few units lost power during flight.

The new Karma drones being recalled by GoPro were launched barely two weeks back.

According to a statement released by GoPro, the company is recalling Karma drones after having discovered that some of the units of the drone were experiencing loss of power during operation.

Facebook is testing a new ‘job openings’ feature

In a Monday announcement, social network Facebook said that it is currently testing a new 'job openings' feature which would facilitate page administrators in creating job postings and receiving applications from candidates.

Facebook's in-testing 'job openings' feature was first spotted by TechCrunch. In reporting the spotting of the new feature on Monday, the tech news website highlighted the fact that the feature will essentially give Facebook the ability to "muscle in" on the recruiting business of the LinkedIn social network for professionals.

DeepMind partners with Blizzard to improve AI with ‘StarCraft II’ game

At its keynote presentation at BlizzCon 2016, British artificial intelligence (AI) research firm DeepMind said that it has collaborated with Blizzard Entertainment for improving AI by playing the game 'StarCraft II.'

Google-owned DeepMind AI researching team is known for its use of games as a means to 'teach' its programs and comprehend the human brain. The team has already, in a noteworthy achievement in 2015, beaten professional Go player Fan Hui, with a 5-0 series win.

Apple rolls out limited-period offer on LG's UltraFine 4K and 5K displays

In a quiet Friday announcement via its online storefront, tech giant Apple has revealed that it is offering a more than 25 percent markdown on LG's UltraFine 4K and 5K displays for a limited period.

The LG UltraFine 4K and 5K displays for which Apple has announced the special promotion offer have been developed collaboratively by Apple and LG; and were unveiled last week, in conjunction with a redesigned MacBook Pro lineup introduced at a special media event.

Dell reveals its new creative-oriented ‘Smart Desk’ PC

Dell has revealed a new, futuristic PC which the company has given the working title 'Smart Desk.' The Smart Desk PC was teased by Dell on Wednesday, in a promotional video released at the Adobe MAX conference.

The Dell Smart Desk PC -- which Dell claims has been in development for the last nearly three years -- is chiefly aimed at creative professionals, just like Microsoft's new enterprise product, the Surface Studio.

LastPass allows free users to access their passwords on multiple devices

In a recent announcement, password manager LastPass has revealed that the users of the free version of the service can now access their passwords on multiple devices.

The announcement is noteworthy because LastPass previously allowed the users of the free version to access their passwords on only one device; with the multi-device password access being an advantage available only to the users of LastPass' subscription-based premium service.

Apple unveils its new MacBook Pro laptops

A day after Microsoft's announcement of its new Surface Book i7 on Monday, Apple has officially unveiled its new MacBook Pro models --- the company's sixth-generation Skylake laptops which mark the best MacBook Pro yet.

The unveiling of the new MacBook Pro models by Apple on Tuesday came in coincidence with the 25th anniversary of the company's laptops.

Google and Microsoft clash over critical Windows flaw disclosure

Tech giants Google and Microsoft have clashed over the disclosure of a critical Windows flaw; with Google having posted the zero-day vulnerability on its security blog even though Microsoft has not yet officially published a fix for it.

In revealing that critical flaw in Windows software on Monday, Google said that it had informed Microsoft of the flaw on October 21; and had given the company a ten-day window to officially alert the public to the flaw.