Chipotle Partners with Postmates for Doorstep Delivery

ChipotleChipotle Mexican Grill, Inc is all set to deliver at the door steps of several locations with its new partnership with Postmates, the delivery service.

Denver and Glendale are locations where people can get their food ordered at home. Till now, door step delivery is obtainable in sixty seven cities all over the nation.

Flash Crash Case Against Sarao will need some Solid Substantiation

Flash Crash Last week, the arrest of Navinder Singh Sarao once again shattered the confidence of the investors as it reminded them of the weakness that was connected to the vulnerable stock market.

North Dakota Gives Green Signal to New Oil Tax Structure

Oil taxAs the oil prices slip further, the oil drillers are expected to witness a more positive tax rate in North Dakota. On Friday, the lawmakers here approved a new structure which trims the price-triggered exemption from taxes when prices drop.

Research reveals improvement in cancer Survival Rates among Americans

Cancer-SurvivaA new research reported in JAMA Oncology has revealed that there has been improvement in survival rates in the people in US after a cancer diagnosis.
Wei Zheng, the study’s senior author from Vanderbilt University in Nashville and his colleagues analyzed data from a national sample of more than 1 million people.

Popeyes Offers Job Back to Manager who was Fired After an Armed Robbery

Popeyes Offers Job Back to Manager who was Fired After an Armed RobberyA manager at a Popeyes restaurant in Texas said that she was fired as she could not pay back approximately $400 that was stolen as an armed robber stole the cash from the outlet's register last month.

Verizon's ‘Skinny’ Bundle Creating Objection from TV Channels

Verizon's ‘Skinny’ Bundle Creating Objection from TV ChannelsThe "Skinny Packages" being offered by the distributors is drawing in a battle from many of the TV channels. To keep the customers happy and averting a cut in the services, the giant network providers like Direct TV, Verizon and Dish TV are shaping customized packages with smaller pay options where the viewers choose their packages according to their viewing preferences.

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