Emporio Armani launches its first hybrid connected watch

This week, widely-known fashion clothing brand Emporio Armani said that it is launching its first hybrid connected watch - dubbed the 'EA Connected Watch' - in partnership with Fossil.

In announcing the launch of the EA Connected Watch, Armani said that the cost of the smartwatch starts at $250; and it can now be purchased online from the Armani website or from the Emporio Armani boutiques across the worlds.

Alphabet signals strategy shift for Google Fiber initiative

In a blog post released on Tuesday, Google's parent company Alphabet said that it is curbing the expansion of its Google Fiber high-speed fiber optic Internet network and is also laying off employees in the Access division responsible for the work related to Google Fiber.

The disclosure made by Craig Barratt - the present CEO of Alphabet's Access division - is an apparent indication of a shift in the company's strategy one of its most ambitious and expensive initiatives --- reaching super-fast Internet connections to US households.

PayPal announces integration with Facebook

In a blog post published on Monday, PayPal Holdings Inc. announced an integration with Facebook social network.

PayPal's integration with Facebook will bring PayPal payments and notifications to Facebook's Messenger chat service, giving users the ability to avail more options for easy and secure online transactions.

Samsung’s efforts to save Galaxy Note 7 possibly hindered US regulators from closely investigating it

In an article published on Sunday, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said that Samsung's efforts to save its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 flagship handset - which has now been discontinued - evidently hindered US regulators from closely investigating the device.

The Galaxy Note 7 handset was launched by Samsung in August; and recalled -- within barely two weeks of launch -- on September 2, due to reports, by some users, about overheating and exploding batteries of the device.

Facebook may not remove offensive graphic content if it is “newsworthy”

In a recently released blog post, Facebook has revealed that it plans to reduce censorship of graphic content; and will soon start displaying more offensive content -- including violence and nudity -- provided that it is important or "newsworthy."

The disclosure in the blog post implies that Facebook will leave offensive images and other content posted up on its website - even if the content violates the company's community standards - if it considers the content to be important enough to be seen or read by the users.

Nintendo posts brief video to unveil its new hybrid-handheld console --- ‘Switch’

In a brief video published on Thursday, Japanese gaming biggie Nintendo unveiled its much-anticipated new home console --- a hybrid-handheld console which the company has formally named 'Nintendo Switch.'

The new console, which was officially announced by Nintendo more than a year back, was thus far referred to, in reports, by its codename - NX.

Microsoft's new speech recognition system achieves 5.9% word error rate

According to a research paper published by Microsoft engineers on Monday, the company has reached "human parity" with its new, experimental speech recognition system.

Revealing that the Microsoft's experimental speech recognition system has, this week, achieved the lowest-ever recorded error rate for machine transcription, Microsoft engineers said in their paper that the word error rate (WER) achieved by the system was 5.9 percent
--- the first time the system has recorded a WER below 6 percent. In September, Microsoft had reported a 6.3 percent WER for the system.

Apple may launch new MacBook Pro models in October

Japanese website Mac Otakara has revealed in a recent report that Apple will likely introduce its new MacBook Pro laptops "in the month," and start shipping the devices at the end of October.

The Mac Otakara report, projecting the launch of new MacBook Pro by Apple this month, is based on information shared by a "reliable Chinese supplier."

According to Mac Otakara's unidentified source, new MacBook Pro laptops will be launched by Apple in October, in the same sizes as the currently available MacBook Pro models --- that is, both 13-inch and 15-inch models.

Germany’s Federal Motor Authority asks Tesla to stop using the term ‘Autopilot’ in ads

Reuters has revealed in a Sunday report that the German Transportation Ministry has sent a letter to US-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors to stop the use of the term 'Autopilot' in its advertisements.

According to spokeswoman for the German Transportation Ministry, the letter was sent to Tesla owners by Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) on Friday.