Report Shows More Single Men Own Orange County Homes Compared to Women

A new study by RealtyTrac showed that there is more number of Orange County homes that are owned by single men compared to single women. The homes that the single men own are also comparatively costlier and more profitable than the houses owned by the women.

 The study found that single men owned 20,593 Orange County homes and 14,608 were identified to be owned by single women and that's a stark forty one percent difference. The numbers are based on records collected by the online real estate tracker from April.

Reports Suggest Apple might be Considering an Acquisition Deal for Time Warner

If a report from the Financial Times was to be believed Apple could actually become the second biggest media company globally only after Disney.

 The report said that one of the Apple executives has proposed bidding for the media company that owns the HBO, Warner Bros. movie studio, and CNN.

Senior VP of Internet services of Apple, Eddie Cue suggested the idea to Time Warner's, Olaf Olafsson, in late 2015. The discussion was rather preliminary and did not take any serious turns and even Tim Cook; Apple's CEO was not involved in it.

Takata Appoints Financial Advisory Firm Lazard to Lead Restructuring Plan

Takata Corp, the air bag maker from Japan has been losing money continuously due to the recall of hundred thousands of its faulty airbags. The company said on Thursday, it has hired Lazard, the financial advisory and asset management firm to help it tackle the problems through a financial restructuring. will Use Amazon Web Services for Expanding its Presence in Canada and Australia

There were some hints that pointed at Salesforce getting cozy with Amazon Web Services when Marc Benioff, the chief executive of Salesforce went all out to praise Amazon's cloud unit during the recent earnings call. The reason is quite clear now. announced on Wednesday that it will use Amazon Web Services (A.W.S.) to expand its presence in Canada and Australia. The deal is valued at approximately $400 million. In case if the deal leads to success there could be further augmentation to the transaction.

Towle & Co a Major Shareholder of Tribune Urges the Publisher to Consider Gannett’s Deal

Tribune Publishing has earlier rejected offers from Gannett but this time another major investor is calling for Tribune to consider the deal with Gannett. The move comes only a couple of days after Gannett increased its offer to $864 million to acquire the company.

The Senate Blocks Stricter Regulations on Retirement Saving Advice from Financial Professionals

On Tuesday, a measure was passed by the Senate which was aimed at stopping a regulation by the Department of Labor which critics worry will work as a barrier for the low and middle income Americans from looking for retirement advice from financial professionals.

Intuit Inc Reports Earnings Surpassing Expectations

On Tuesday Intuit Inc. reported its fiscal third quarter results which turned out to be better than expected. The company has also benefited from the sale of its businesses like Demandforce, QuickBase and Quicken for cash of $463 million.

The maker of TurboTax software raised its revenue guidance for the year along with the adjusted earnings per share. Intuit now expects its revenue for the fiscal year in range of $4.66 billion to $4.68 billion and the adjusted earnings to be in the range of $3 to $3.65 per share.

Service starts on Expo Line train from Santa Monica to Los Angeles

A new Expo Line train started service between Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles today for the first time in 60 years.

The service officially running on Friday afternoon but thousands of commuters took the train for the first time to go to work on Monday morning. However, the service did not have a smooth start as expected by officials as a drunk driver crashed onto the tracks when the train was expected to travel.

UAE changes methodology to calculate key interest rate

The authorities in the United Arab Emirates have changed methodology to calculate a key interest rate in order to better reflect funding costs for banks in the economy. The calculation of the Emirates Interbank Offered Rate, which is a benchmark used by the banking industry to price loans, has been changed to better reflect the true cost of funds.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Eases Proposed Policy Alterations for Outsourcing Services used by Banks

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is looking at relaxing the policy changes which it plans to impose on banks which outsource their services. The change in attitude came after the lenders warned the Reserve Bank of the associated higher costs.

 Now the Reserve Bank is asking for submissions or feedback on the changes that have been proposed for rules regarding outsourcing of services by registered banks. The new rules will help the central bank to firmly define the functions that should be covered by the outsourcing policy along with the time when the policy will start.