Microsoft combines Bing and Cortana product teams with Microsoft Research

In a move which underscores an apparent effort by Microsoft to speed up innovation for its Bing search engine and Cortana digital assistant, the company has revealed in a Thursday announcement that it has combined the Bing and Cortana product teams with Microsoft Research.

Samsung’s latest woe --- “exploding” top-loading washing machines

At a time when Samsung is already dealing with the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the company has been hit by another calamity --- "exploding" washing machines.

According to a CNN report, certain models of Samsung's top-loading washing machines can potentially pose a safety risk because some customers have complained that the machines vibrate so heavily - particularly when washing bedding, bulky or water-resistant items - that they explode into pieces.

Wildlife Advocacy Groups file Lawsuit to DeclareYellowstone Bison ‘Endangered’ or ‘Threatened’

In the long list of animals under threat, include Yellowstone bison. According towildlife advocacy groups, the animal's population is drastically dropping due to hunting and slaughtering. They are urging the US government to intervene in the matter to save bisonoutside of Yellowstone National Park.

Potential alternatives to statins being devised

Alternatives to the use of statins as the standard therapy for lowering unhealthy LDL cholesterol are being devised. These alternative therapies include other medications to lower cholesterol, a heart-healthy diet, and even intestinal bypass surgery. According to the findings, when cholesterol levels decrease, these alternatives provide equal level of heart health protection as statins do.

Microsoft and Workday announce an integration/cooperation pact

On Tuesday, September 27, Microsoft and Workday announced an integration/cooperation agreement, under which Microsoft Office 365 and the company's analytics tools will be integrated with Workday's cloud-based finance and HR applications.

Announcing the new pact, Microsoft and Workday said that they have teamed up to give Office 365 Groups the capability to work with Workday applications in such a way that any change made in Workday will automatically show up in Groups.

Walt Disney emerges as potential bidder for Twitter

Bloomberg News has revealed in a Monday report that struggling microblogging service Twitter Inc. apparently has another potential bidder --- Walt Disney Co. The report was based on the information shared by unidentified sources familiar with the matter.

The report that Walt Disney has become the latest company to consider a possible acquisition of Twitter comes close on the heels of a last-week story by CNBC that formal bids for Twitter will soon be made by a number of tech firms, including Google and Salesforce.

As of now, the Twitter sale process is in early stages.

Apple may announce MacBook Pro 2016 before Oct. end

In a recently released report, Macworld has revealed that tech giant Apple might announce the much-awaited MacBook Pro 2016 laptop before the end of October.

According to the report, the official announcement of MacBook Pro 2016 will likely coincide with the launch of the forthcoming iPad 5 next month. The release of the updated MacBook Pro laptop is being eagerly awaited by MacBook Pro fans, especially since the upgrade has been announced for more than one year, but the device has still not become available for purchase.  

Yahoo: A suspected “state-sponsored actor” hacked at least 500M user accounts

On Thursday, Internet giant Yahoo said that the personal information of at least 500 million of its users had been compromised in a hack which, the company claims, was carried out by a suspected "state-sponsored actor."

The user-data hack revealed by Yahoo is apparently the largest known breach of user information in history.

Samsung has exchanged “about half” of the recalled Galaxy Note 7 handsets in US

Bigwig South Korean smartphone maker Samsung Electronics said in a Thursday statement that it has exchanged "about half" of the potentially-explosive Galaxy Note 7 handsets for new devices in the US through its voluntary recall.

The disclosure by Samsung comes barely two days after the company said that it has shipped 500,000 replacement units of the recalled Galaxy Note 7 handsets to US retailers.

NY Times: Apple and Lit Motors are in talks about "potential acquisition"

In a Wednesday report, The New York Times said that tech giant Apple is in discussions with Lit Motors Corp. about a "potential acquisition." Lit Motors is a manufacturer of two-wheeled electric vehicles, based in San Francisco.

According to the NY Times report, based on the information shared by three unidentified sources, a number of former Lit Motors' engineers have already been hired by Apple. However, Apple's interest in the potential acquisition of Lit Motors is still not clear.