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SEC Proposes Stricter Regulations for Exchange-Traded Funds which might also Affect Bitcoins

On Friday, the Securities and Exchange Commission, chairwoman Mary Jo White said, the agency is considering to enhance regulation related to EFTs or exchange-traded funds.

Corporate America’s Cash Pile Grows to $1.7 Trillion

Corporate America's cash pile is growing with the nonfinancial businesses in the United States holding $1.7 trillion in cash at present. Greater than one third of the amount is in the hands of only five companies say a report released by Moody's Investors Service on Friday.

EPA releases new drinking water health advisory for PFOA

The United States Environmental Protection Agency released a new lifetime drinking water health advisory for the perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA.

Safety concerns continue to impact ride sharing services

Safety concerns for passengers and even drivers continue to be a major cause of concern for the ride sharing industry around the world.

How light is detected affects the atom that emits it

Flick a switch on a dark winter day and your office is flooded with bright light, one of many everyday miracles to which we are all usually oblivious.

Postal service says dogs bit 6,000 on-duty mail carriers

The U. S. Postal Service has said on Thursday that the number of god attacks on mailmen have been increasing since the year 2014.


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