Hyundai launches its greenest car in UK

Hyundai launches its greenest car in UKSouth Korean car maker Hyundai has launched another sub-100g/km CO2 car, called the i20 Blue, the greenest car in the company’s product range.

At 98g/km of CO2, emissions from the i20 Blue are 1g/km lower than the smaller i10 Blue that hit UK roads earlier this year. Thus, both cars are exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty as well as the London congestion charge.

Hyundai’s new eco-friendly i20 Blue

HyundaiHyundai has introduced a new version of its i20 Supermini, called i20 Blue, the company’s another sub-100g/km CO2 model.

The new i20 Blue emits merely 98g/km of CO2, which allows it to beat even the i10 Blue city car that hit roads earlier in the year. Fuel-efficient has been increased from 67.3mpg to 76.4mpg.

Hyundai’s Sale Rose 16% in the US

Hyundai’s Sale Rose 16% in the USThe South Korea manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Co., has reported a rise of 16% in its sale due to sharp increase in the sale of Hyundai Elnatra in the US market. With the new jump, the sale of Hyundai reached an all-time high for the month of June. The sale of Sonata rose 4.9%, while that of Elantra increased 40%.

Hyundai Production Facing Decline

Hyundai Production in LossesThe Hyundai Automotive Group said that the production of the company has been disrupted due to the strike at a core engine parts supplier, Yoosung Enterprise.

Hyundai Grants $200,000 to St John

Hyundai Grants $200,000 to St JohnA car manufacturing Company, Hyundai, has granted $200,000 to St John after the February 22 earthquake at Christchurch. The grant would help St John build a new infrastructure. In addition to the donation, the car Company has also given a new van and two four-wheel-drives on a long-term loan to St John.

Hyundai Launches its New ix20 Mini MPV

HyundaiAt the international motor show in Paris, Hyundai will come up with its new mini MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), the Hyundai ix20. From the middle of November, the Hyundai ix20 will be available in the market for sale in the United Kingdom.

There will be some new features in the new Hyundai ix20. There will be a hexagonal grille at the front side. The customers will have a choice in between 1.4-litre petrol and diesel engines.