Supreme Court judge resigns as being Controversial

Attorney-General-Judith-CollinsActing Attorney-General Judith Collins has announced that Supreme Court judge Justice Bill Wilson has give up his job with a payment worth more than $410,000.

The Crown shall be paying Justice Wilson's solicitor-client expenses which till this date have been amounted at $475,000. These are billed under the Judicial Conduct Commissioner and Judicial Conduct Act 2004.

He shall also be getting existing entitlements, which includes unclaimed sabbatical leave and retiring leave. The total amount has still not been exactly calculated.

Justice Wilson was the culprit of 3 different complaints including insufficient disclosure of his business relationship with Alan Galbraith, QC, who was turning up before him at the Court of Appeal opposed to the Saxmere Company.

Ms Collins expressed that she considers this as the best result under the conditions. It decides an extraordinary situation in New Zealand's legal history and to carry on with this case should have produced immeasurable harm to confidence in the judiciary.