“Breastox” Alternative to Painful Breast Enhancements


Women will no longer have to undergo painful and lengthy breast enhancement surgeries, thanks to ‘Breastox’, a new non-surgical cosmetic treatment, which allows girls to boost their busts in just 30 minutes.

Cosmetic surgery company Transform is offering women the chance to have injections of Botox into their breasts to help tighten their bust and enhance their cleavage.

"Wrinkles on the chest area are very signs of aging and a dead giveaway to a lady's age. Botox is now an accepted form of anti-aging for the face, but our practitioners are constantly researching new ways it can be used to create a more youthful look on other parts of the body", shared the non-surgical group manager Gwen Davies.

The procedure starts with patients having anesthetic cream rubbed onto their breasts. They then receive 12 injections of Botox in their pectoral minor chest muscle. These jabs, which lift the sagging breast of women, give a smooth and taut cleavage and needs topping up every six months to maintain the effect.

However, the procedure costs £1,000 per session and is therefore likely to be popular with women who want an occasional boost, rather than those who are looking for a regular treatment.