ORC Seeks Rook Sightings

RooksWith reports on Rooks hitting numerous places in Otago, The Otago Regional Council is reported to have called for reports of the pests which are linked to hampering crop and pasture. The main reason behind ORC call is that it seeks to ward off such pests.

Rooks have been witnessed nesting in many places in Otago this season, but none are reported in the Strath Taieri area.

Till now, the season has witnessed rooks nesting in Greenfield and Wairuna in South Otago, Moeraki in North Otago and in the Macraes-Nenthorn area, posted Jeff Donaldson, the council's regional services group manager.

Their absence in the Strath Taieri area so far has insinuated a recent trend; however, some have been reported in the Maniototo.

Mr. Donaldson has claimed that the Otago Regional Council is desperately looking for its sighting and has expressed high keenness to locate any new nesting sites.

"Interestingly, last year there were two birds living in central Balclutha and we also had birds living out on the Otago Peninsula", he added. "The response we got last year was the best we have ever had. It was great to receive such valuable information to keep tabs on nests".

Officials have urged people not to hunt these birds.