Court Takes Away Swann’s Assets

CourtMichael Swann, the former Information Technology Manager of the Otago District Health Board, was ordered by Justice Graham Panckhurst to pay $6 million to the Crown and to forfeit $4.4 million of properties, in lieu of the money he had stolen from the Board.

The properties include 33 items, including six pieces of land, 22 high-end vehicles, eight boats and other valuable properties or items, which he bought from the stolen money. The fines and forfeitures are added to the prison sentence of nine years and six months.

The fraudster was accused and convicted of participating in a swindle pulled off against the National Health Board. Although the sentences seems much less than the magnitude of the crime, Brian Rousseau, the Health Board Chief Executive, expressed his satisfaction regarding the court’s decision. Justice Panckhurst commented saying that it is useless ordering the convict to pay an amount of money that he will not be able to ensure.

Executive Rousseau said, "I guess if any other assets are found we can always get them back, but I seriously doubt anything that might be out there would amount to that much anyway".

Swann’s wife would have to hand over the assets, including the house in Dunedin.