Tesla announces its upgraded fourth-generation roadster - Roadster 2.5

Close on the heels of its last week initial public offering, Tesla has recently announced an upgraded fourth-generation roadster – the sleek-design Roadster 2.5, which apparently is a sheer novelty with its quiet space-age hum!

Some of the key cosmetic changes that the Roadster 2.5 features include enhancement of interiors; revamped front clip and rear diffuser; and new forged wheel designs.

Among the new ‘under the hood’ features of the upgraded roadster are – better sound-deadening materials and the so-called “power control hardware” which essentially allows the driver to maintain a brisk driving style even if the temperature is severely hot.

In addition, the upgraded Roaster 2.5 will also boast improved seats that include bigger bolsters as well as a new lumbar system for extra comfort. While the optional navigation system was merely a tiny in-dash component in the last year model, it now has been upgraded to a bigger, 7-inch, screen along with a backup camera.

According to Tesla, the upgraded Roadster 2.5 will hit the Tesla stores in the near future. In case any of the over 1,000 current owners of a Roadster desire to go in for the upgrade of the vehicle, they can go to Tesla stores for getting the new features on the vehicles.