Left Handed Users Have Problems with Apple iPhone

iPhone4Apple fans turned up in large numbers at the London store to buy the iPhone 4, as the Company announced its sale, on Thursday.

Problem of dropping in signal strength was noticed, when the phone was used by left handed persons, as the lower left antenna of the device gets covered.

Apple Boss, Steve Jobs defended the gadget and suggested, ''Just avoid holding it in that way''.

Lauren Milsom, Member of the Left-Handed Club called the problem as a 'design flaw'.

She said, ''It seems ludicrous to suggest that 10 per cent of potential users should be told they have to adopt a less natural hand hold to use this latest technology”.

Left-Handed Club has 90,000 members that cover 10% of the population, who are left-handed.

The hardware of Apple's latest phone is packed inside stainless steel, which in turn serves, as the antenna.

Apple has also advised the people to buy a separate case, which is a sure protection against blocking of the antenna.

The iPhone is on sale in the U. S., the U. K., France, Germany and Japan, since Thursday morning.

Bumper, which is a side cover for iPhone is also available in market for just $29, while the leather case is available from Apple's online store and costs $130.