Limited ministership days left for Hide, says Key

John Key

As per the media reports, New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key feels that only a few days as minister might be left for Rodney Hide.

In a few days, the cabinet will receive a case from the ACT leader, where he will highlight as to why he wants to step down from his role as a minister, if Maori acquires a seat on Auckland's super city council.

It will be after this that a final decision will be made, and if in case it goes against Mr Hide; then it will be his last cabinet meeting as minister.

It was expressed by Mr. Key that he respects the position held by Mr. Hide and this kind of thing can even happen with MMP governments.

Mr. Key said: "He's effectively said he'd resign as minister of local government and from there on in it would be up to me as Prime Minister to determine. But let's cross that bridge if we ever come to it."

Though the decision will not affect the Government; however, Mr. Hide's ego will definitely be hurt if he loses and resigns.