Morrison Defends Criticism on New Immigration Policy

Scott MorrisonThe charge of keeping the opposition MPs in the dark, regarding coalition’s announcement of a new immigration policy, is being denied by Senior Liberal Scott Morrison. This had come up as a modified approach to get strict over the boat arrivals; but due to lack of consultation, there are many members within the coalition ranks, who are criticizing the same.
The fact that the policy wasn’t run by the party room, brought the charges of being cruel and inhumane because of this new plan. These statements were raised by a couple of discontented Liberals. In defense, the opposition’s spokesman Mr. Morrison said that during a Backbench Policy Committee in February, the dissidents were consulted about the new plan.
He also quipped that while the discussion was being held with them, there was a 100% support for the policy. This was scheduled to call back the Howard-era Pacific Solution Policy, in addition to the establishment of offshore detention centers.
This debate continued when, Malcolm Turnbull, former Liberal leader called for a more vivacious discussion over the policy at the next party room. He demanded for clarity of ideas on how exactly, will the execution of this plan work.