Crunchy apples ready for supermarkets

Crunchy apples ready for supermarkets

It has come to vision that two of New Zealand's most famous cultivars, royal gala and braeburn are creating a novel red bi-colour apple, which will hit the supermarket shelves in two years.

The produce dubbed as PremA193 was created at HortResearch and is now part of the Plant and Food Research state science company.

It should be noted here that rights to the apple in the domestic market and for exports have been sold to a consortium made up of Fresh New Zealand Ltd, Heartland Group Ltd, Johnny Appleseed Holdings Ltd and the PickMee Fruit Company Ltd.

If adhered to company chairman Rex Graham, then the latest cultivar had impressive commercial potential.

He said, "It has a mild sweet flavor profile, is refreshing and juicy and has an excellent crunchy texture. We believe it will have very wide consumer appeal. This will be an outstanding apple in the Asian markets."

Prevar, a marketing company jointly owned with Australian and American orchardists has licensed the cultivar.

"The apple was already under trial on orchards around the world, and had received positive feedbacks from evaluators, consumers and fruit marketers who had previewed the apple," said Prevar chief executive Dr Brett Ennis.