Study Claims One-Fifth Britons Hide Debt Information from Partners

A recent research has found that one fifth of the Britons keep their partners misinformed regarding the debts they are in and around one third of them hide the information from the other family members.
The Post Office research revealed that 78% of them hiding their debts have hardly shared the level of their debts.
In Scotland, 27% of debtors in Aberdeen don’t share anything related to their debts with their parents and around one fifth of Glaswegians do the same along with 13% of those living in Edinburgh.
In another finding, the report claims that in UK, women is contrast with the men, are more involved in concealing the debt information. Here, 45% of them totally refuse to admit their expenses on clothing while men avoid sharing their spending on alcohol and gadgets.
The report highlights the physical and psychological outcomes of this practice of not sharing the debt information among partners and family members. These problems mainly include sleeplessness, alcohol addiction, poor performance in profession, etc.
The research basically commissioned by the Post Office in collaboration with OnePoll, undertook a survey on 2,258 UK consumers.