Flights Obstructed due to Volcanic Ashes Blocking Airway Resumed

Backlog of 3,000 European passengers, who got stuck in Australia following the obstacle in flight transport caused by volcanic ash in the airspace, has been cleared, said the Singapore Airlines.
According to the airline, about 12 extra flights have been scheduled since airspace reopened last week. It was also said that most of the struck European passengers are either on their way back to their home are will soon reach.
Earlier, after the volcanic eruption in Iceland that led to the release of a cloud of ash in the air, the authorities, for safety sake had opted for cutting the transport via air.
It was also informed by the Singapore Airlines Spokeswoman, Susan Bredow that many of the trapped passengers have preferred staying in Australia for little longer as they said they were enjoying their time well.
Also many Australians who could not reach home because of the same problem, landed to their homeland safely after flights were resumed after a five day long wait.
The Qantas flight QF6 from Frankfurt via Singapore, was the first flight that landed at Sydney Airport at 5.43am.
It is noticeable that the termination of the airway had cost airlines tens of millions of dollars and thousands of passengers were affected as well.