Caofen all set to unveil F80 Electric enduro e-bike at EICMA 2021 in Italy

Caofen all set to unveil F80 Electric enduro e-bike at EICMA 2021 in Italy

Chinese two-wheeler manufacturer Caofen has announced plans to make its European debut with its all-new electric motorcycle, the F80 enduro bike. Caofen announced that it would officially unveil the F80 electric motorcycle at the upcoming EICMA 2021—the world’s biggest two-wheeler exhibition that will be held from November 23 to November 28, 2021.

The all-new electric two-wheeler flaunts a minimalist look and features an LCD instrument cluster, a full-LED setup for lighting, a powerful electric powertrain equipped with a battery capable of delivering a range of 150km between two charges. According to available information, the electric bike is fueled by a chain-driven 8kW electric motor. The capacity of its battery is yet to be revealed. However, the Chinese manufacturer has confirmed that the vehicle is capable of hitting a top-speed of 85km/h.

The Caofen F80 features black paintwork with sporty graphics, wheels with large number of thin spokes, a wide handlebar, and a rear tire-hugger-mounted number plate holder. Its flat single-piece seat seems suspended in mid-air.

For ensuring the safety of the rider, even on tough and rough terrain, the Caofen F80 bike comes equipped with disc brakes on the front as well as rear wheels. To avoid skidding on the roads while braking, the bike has been equipped with dual-channel ABS.

The Chinese manufacturer envisions the new electric bike appealing not only to lovers of trail riding but also those who are in search of a solid electric commuter bike in urban areas. While the unique and futuristic style of the bike is certainly appealing, a lot of its appeal to different segments of riders will depend on factors that remain unknown at this point. Of course, price will be one of the biggest of those factors.

Billed as an all-terrain bike, the F80 runs on dual-sport tires and boasts a stylish and modern design. The frame of the bike is a single piece without any welding involved, which adds to its rigidity and strength. Overall, the design is compact, elegant and futuristic. The battery case and electric motor have been nicely placed, close to the center and quite low down in the structure.

Further technical details about the Caofen F80’s will presumably be released at the upcoming 2021 EICMA, which is all set to start in Milan, Italy. Sales in Europe will start soon after the exposition, with deliveries to customers expected to take place sometime early next year.