Chinese manufacturer Geely's Tesla Semi rival “Homtruck” to launch in 2024

Chinese manufacturer Geely's Tesla Semi rival “Homtruck” to launch in 2024

Chinese multinational automotive manufacturer Geely’s commercial vehicle brand Farizon Auto has introduced the world to its environment-friendly next-generation smart new energy semi truck, called the Homtruck. Built on a highly modular architecture, the Homtruck will offer methanol, range extender or pure electric powertrains, which will make it one of the most advanced as well as environment-friendly commercial vehicles.

According to the manufacturer’s claims, the highly modular semi truck architecture used to produce Homtruck is capable of accommodating a number of powertrain options, such as range extender, methanol hybrid and pure electric. The pure electric version will be made available with battery swapping option. The battery swapping option will save time as the commercial vehicle will get its power replenished at service stations across highways within minutes.

Without providing details about technical specs of the upcoming vehicle, Farizon Auto said that the upcoming semi truck is the result of major breakthroughs in sustainable powertrains as well as focus on efficiency and safety of occupants and pedestrians. The Chinese manufacturer claims that it designed, developed and produced the semi truck after conducting a comprehensive study of special needs of independent drivers and fleet operators. For instance, the new commercial vehicle has been made capable of connecting to the logistics network’s big data platforms. It will help drivers in obtaining the most optimal orders in real time, in addition to analyzing and tracking deliveries. The technology will also allow operators to calculate costs along the routes.

For the real-time analysis of traffic data, the semi truck has been equipped with sensors, which will provide route recommendations as well. Its innovative energy management system is able to manage power or fuel supply to ensure most optimal economic performance. The driver will also get recommends about optimal refueling or recharging routes.

While details regarding tech specs of the upcoming commercial vehicles are yet to be announced, available information suggests that the vehicle will come equipped with standard hardware sensors like lidar, ultrasonic radar, millimeter-wave radar, and 5G/V2X communication equipment.

The commercial semi truck will also be able to utilize L4 hands-off autonomous drive functions, and it will also bring convoying features enabling the vehicles to communicate with each other during longer journeys. To keep the vehicles up-to-date, the manufacturer has equipped it system required to receive Over the Air (OTA) software updates.

Production and deliveries of the Homtruck are scheduled for early 2024. The Chinese manufacturer will target international markets as well.