Tesla’s Chinese EV Supercharger network grows to 1,000 stations with over 7,600 stalls

Tesla’s Chinese EV Supercharger network grows to 1,000 stations with over 7,600 stalls

American electric car pioneer Tesla Motors’ Chinese network of EV Supercharging stations has reached the mark of 1,000; with the latest one installed in sub-provincial city of Shenzen. With the installation of the latest Supercharging station, which took place on 22nd of October, the American EV giant’s Chinese network of Superchargers accounts for around a third of its worldwide network. The company celebrated the milestone by hosting a live broadcast of the event on Weibo.

Out of the one thousand Supercharging stations installed in the mainland China, 100 are in Shanghai and 100 in Hainan Province, with each of the charging stations offering 10 stalls or charging points on average. The combined number of individual charging points or stalls across the country has grown to more than 7,600, which means that there are 7.6 charging stalls per station (on average).

Now, the network has more than 3,200 charging stations, with more than 29,250 stalls. Thus, China contributes to around a third of the company’s global network.

In the month of September alone, the company installed 43 Superchargers in mainland China, with a total of 281 Superchargers. The process of rolling out charging stations is expected to increase further in the future as the Palo Alto, Calif.-headquartered company is all set to make its Supercharger factory in Shenzen operational.

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that that his company could open its EV chargers to EVs manufactured by other brands sooner than later. The announcement was welcomed by EV enthusiasts around the globe as range anxiety continues to be one of the biggest hurdles on the way to mass adoption of electric cars.

As the number of Tesla Superchargers is growing very quickly, it is easy to predict that the Chinese network will surpass that of North America sooner than later. In other words, mainland China will likely have more Tesla Superchargers the United States. As per stats collected and shared by the supercharge.info website, the United States has a network of 1,168 Superchargers.

Over the past few years, global network of Tesla Superchargers has enjoyed an unprecedented growth. According to available stats, the EV giant had nearly 26,900 Supercharging stalls at nearly 3,000 stations across the globe. In the second quarter of last year, the network had less than 14,000 Supercharging stalls. As of the end of September 2021, the network grew to nearly 3,260 charging stations, with more than 29,250 stalls. Thus, the new figure represents a significant expansion in the network over the past few years, especially after the onset of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.