Carnival Cruise Line officially begins onboard sports betting

Carnival Cruise Line officially begins onboard sports betting

After spreading across 26 states and Washington DC in the United States, the activity of sports betting is now all set to engulf international waters as cruise lines are moving ahead with their plans to incorporate sports betting to their onboard casinos.

Carnival Cruise Line, the largest cruise line in the world, had promised that sports betting would not stop even on ships as it would add the activity to onboard casinos once sailing. It officially announced the start of sports betting on its ships last week, when the very first bet was wagered onboard the Majestic Princess.

With the official star of onboard sports betting, Carnival subsidiary Princess Cruises has become the world’s first cruise line to offer the controversial activity on international waters. The Majestic Princess is offering sports gambling services through its Ocean Sportsbook – an interactive platform developed by a British gaming company called Miomni Gaming. The sport betting services are being provided through a satellite feed that reaches ships sailing the high seas.

Cruise booking service Travel by John’s owner & operator John Maddox said, “Being that sports betting is everywhere, it only makes sense to give those folks that may enjoy gambling, but don’t really enjoy sitting in the casino a chance to win big, even at sea.”

Many of the cruise line’s ships offer Las Vegas-style casinos equipped with slot machines, gaming tables, bingo and much more. Now, the addition of sports betting will take the gaming enthusiasts’ gaming experience to new highs. Onboard passengers will also be allowed to gamble for real money through their mobile phones with the help of MedallionClass app.

Travel experts are not surprised at the incorporation of sports betting into onboard casinos as the activity has already expanded far and wide on the land. When asked for a comment, Jeremy Hall of Cruise Vacations International said that the addition of any additional forms of entertainment for cruise passengers would always be welcomed by gambling & entertainment enthusiast.

Sports betting started spreading at unprecedented rates after the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2018 ruling the federal ban as unconstitutional. The landmark ruling allowed the states to decide their own laws on sports betting. Now, legal sports betting activity is prevalent across the nation, with televisions being flooded with adverts from the likes of DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Caesars Sportsbook.