NIO Day 2021 to be held in December amid plenty of new model rumors

NIO Day 2021 to be held in December amid plenty of new model rumors

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer NIO Incorporated has confirmed that it will hold its annual “NIO Day 2021” event at the Olympic Sports Center in the city of southeastern Jiangsu Province of East China on December 18, 2021. The NIO Day event is usually held by the EV manufacturer to introduce new electric models. That trend is expected to continue as the publicly traded manufacturer is reportedly preparing to unveil a couple of new electric models and probably a new vehicle brand as well.

Founded in 2014, NIO took only a few years to develop and offer unique EV offerings like the ES8, ES6, and EC6. The successful launch of the EVs helped the manufacturer in establishing itself as a leading brand for electric SUVs. Stretching its feet outside of SUVs, it designed and developed its flagship electric sedan, dubbed the ET7, the company’s first EV to debut on the NIO Technology Platform 2.0. It is expected to hit the roads sometime in 2022.

While announcing the company’s second quarter (Q2) financial results earlier this year, NIO Founder & CEO William Li had cited the aforementioned Technology Platform 2.0 and the models that will get it first.

At the time, Li said, “We aim to deliver three new products based on the NIO Technology Platform 2.0 in 2022 including ET7 … we believe it is imperative to speed up the launch of new products to provide more premium smart EV offerings with superior holistic services to the growing user base in the global market.”

As the all-electric ET7 has already been introduced at the previous NIO Day in January this year, the manufacturer could unveil the remaining two models in the upcoming event in December 2021. The second vehicle to debut on NIO technology Platform 2.0 could be a mid-sized electric sedan called the ET5. It will reportedly be well below the ET7 in terms of price. The ET7 costs in the range of RMB 448,000 to RMB 526,000 (US$70,000 to US$82,000) in China. The ET5, which would compete with the likes of the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4 EVs, would likely cost below RMB 300,000 (US$47,000).

The Suzhou Olympic Sport Center Stadium, where the upcoming event will take place in December 2021, is a massive sports complex with 45,000-person stadium and indoor arena with the capacity to accommodate 13,000 individuals.