Chinese manufacturer GAC’s Aion V e-SUV can charge 0-80% in just 8 minutes

Chinese manufacturer GAC’s Aion V e-SUV can charge 0-80% in just 8 minutes

Guangzhou Automobile Corporation (GAC), a Chinese EV manufacturer and subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group, recently took wraps off a new electric vehicle (EV) that reportedly comes equipped with a battery that that can achieve 0-80 per cent charge in just 8 minutes. The new EV in question in the “Aion V,” which has graphene battery tech that can recharge the battery pack as quick as filling up a gas car with fossil fuel.

The manufacturer showcased the new EV’s 3C and 6C versions at the recently-held Technology Day event. The manufacturer showed that the battery pack of the new EV could be replenished at impressive speeds without damaging or degrading the battery.

According to media reports, the charging test performed during a demonstration held at the technology day event in late July, the Chinese manufacturer showed a GAC Aion V SUV’s battery getting charged at a stage of 80 per cent, the EV was still drawing 481 kW from the charger. It took just 4 minutes to put 35.1 kWh into the battery, and it took merely 8 minutes to achieve 80 per cent level of charging.

The figures have yet to be independently verified. Moreover, the figures only apply to the electric SUV’s 6C version. The manufacturer has also produced a 3C version of the SUV, which is capable of delivering a range of 500 km (NEDC) on a single charge and its charging speed is not quite as high as that of the 6C version.

The manufacturer also claims that the battery will live up to 1-million km (621,000 miles) before it needs to be replaced. The launch of the new EV with the innovative battery technology is slated to take place in September with year.

The Aion brand has specifically been set up for EVs. The Aion V electric SUV manufactured by it has the capability to cover a distance of up to 1000 km (621 miles) on a single charge. The manufacturer gives the credit for the long range and quick charging to its new breed of graphene battery tech. However, the manufacturer also acknowledges the fact that graphene battery tech is still several years away from commercialization. It means it may take many more years for this innovative technology to be used in EVs at mass levels. But, GAC is quite confidents that it can commercialize the graphene battery tech sooner than later.