Chinese EV brand Ora unveils VW Beetle-inspired electric car Punk Cat

Chinese EV brand Ora unveils VW Beetle-inspired electric car Punk Cat

Ora, the electric vehicle (EV) brand of Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motors, used the ongoing 2021 Shanghai Auto Show to introduce the world to its new lineup of EVs, including a Classic Volkswagen (VW) Beetle-inspired electric car called the Punk Cat.

Styled after the classic and highly-successful VW Beetle, the Ora Punk Cat will enter Great Wall Motors’ production line later this year. Its peculiar name has been chosen from half a dozen options, i.e. Persian cat, Elf Cat, Punk Cat, Royal Cat, Big Orange Cat, and Noble Cat. The EV manufacturer is currently selling four vehicles named after cats, including Good Cat, White Cat, and Black Cat. The newly unveiled Punk Cat will join this lineup.

Nothing official has been announced about the specifications of the Punk Cat. However, we can make some guess from the similarly-sized Good Cat, which comes equipped with a 106kW/210Nm front-mounted electric motor and a battery pack of 47.8kWh or 59.1kWh. The Good Cat has a range of 401km or 501km on the NEDC cycle, depending on which of the two battery packs you choose. The new EV’s exterior is perhaps homage to the original VW Beetle but it boasts an extra door on each side.

In the interior, there is a single gauge behind the steering wheel that shows what is in the “gear” selector, speed of the vehicle, and at least a couple of other sets of information that could not be identified. There is also a large horizontal LCD screen, a part of the state-of-the-art infotainment system that breaks the retro-feel of inside the vehicle. It has round air vents and pink, white and green details.

Everything in the EV’s exterior, except for the modern wheels, reminds the iconic VW Beetle. More precisely, it’s almost every external feature, including chrome bumpers to their prominent overriders, resemble the German brand’s iconic car.

Without revealing the technical specifications of the Punk Cat EV, the manufacturer emphasized that the new EV would specifically appeal to women. It even has drawings of castle and princess on its website page about the car.

The Punk Cat is not the only EV unveiled by Ora at the ongoing 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. The electric car brand also introduced the all-electric Lightning Cat, which somewhat resembles a shrunken Porsche Panamera. Details on technical specifications of this EV remain sparse, but the company confirmed that it will come equipped with a dual-motor electric powertrain capable enough to offer 0-100km/h acceleration in less than four seconds.