Bridge Investment ordered to stop work on Tinian Casino project due to lack of permits

Bridge Investment ordered to stop work on Tinian Casino project due to lack of permits

The Commonwealth Ports Authority (CPA) and the Bureau of Environmental & Coastal Quality (BECQ) has ordered Bridge Investment Group (BIG) to immediately stop work on its Tinian casino project as the project has failed to secure the proper permits from local authorities.

The orders issued the CPA and BECQ means the Salt Lake City, Utah-based real estate private equity firm’s long-delayed under-development casino project on the South Pacific island of Tinian has suffered yet another obstacle due to their failure in securing require permits.

Christopher Tenorio, Executive director of the CPA, said they became alarmed when they learnt about the real estate equity firm’s plan to build a massive septic tank at the site of the casino project. It may be noted here that the site in question is adjacent to Kammer Beach, which is a trendy tourist destination. Tenorio underlined that the locale lacks adequate sewer system capable of handling a septic tank of the size envisioned in the equity firm’s casino project plan.

Last month, it was reported that the CPA expressed concerns over the company’s plans to build a barrack containing 80 rooms to house foreign workers rather than local workers to learn the casino trade’s tools.

BIG’s $130 million casino project on the South Pacific island of Tinian was started 2014.
Originally dubbed Tinian Ocean Resort & Casino, the project is now called either the Tinian Wyndham Ocean View Hotel & Casino or the Tinian Diamond Hotel & Casino. It aimed to open its doors to the general public sometime before the end of 2020, but the latest snag will likely not allow it to achieve that aim.

In addition, the company is working on a fast-ferry service called the Sand Diamond vessel that would connect Saipan and Tinian. The ferry service, which would carry as many as 300 people, was supposed to launch sometime in third quarter of this year, the latest in long sequence of missed deadlines.

The South Pacific island of Tinian is perhaps not lucky enough to sustain its existing casino projects and attracting new ones. In 2016, the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino was closed after its owner slipped into bankruptcy. The entertainment property was later bought by one of its creditors, but it remains closed even today. Alter City Group’s casino project got its gaming license suspended in 2018 after it failed to pay its taxes to the local government.