Tesla plans to build a Supercharger V3 charging station in Florida

Tesla plans to build a Supercharger V3 charging station in Florida

US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors is apparently planning to deploy a Supercharger V3 charging station in Florida.

The Supercharger V3 is Tesla’s next-generation charging station for electric vehicles (EVs). The new version of the Supercharger was launched by Tesla in March 2019. The new Supercharger has a top charge rate of 250 kW which, together with more advanced software for charging the battery pack, can enable the charging of a Tesla Model 3 Long Range version at up to 1000 mph.

Thus far, Tesla has launched one full-fledged Supercharger V3 station in Las Vegas, along with two partial stations with latest Supercharger technology.

The imminent deployment of a Tesla Supercharger V3 in Florida has recently been confirmed via mociaf9 on TMC. According to the confirmation, Tesla had applied for a permit to deploy its next-generation Supercharger in Clearwater, Florida. The application clearly specifies Tesla’s plans to build a Supercharger V3 charging station at the mentioned location.

The application for the Supercharger V3 deployment in Florida reportedly includes the following information: “Installation of Tesla Charging Station within existing parking lot consisting of (2) Tesla V3 Supercharger Cabinets, (8) Tesla V3 Charge Posts, (1) Master Controller, (1) Switchgear Assembly, and (1) Utility Transformer. Two concrete pads will be poured for equipment.”

With the application for a permit already submitted, Tesla is aiming to open the Supercharger V3 station in Florida by end-2019.