Hyundai plans 17 electric vehicles by 2025 in commercial vehicle segment

Hyundai plans 17 electric vehicles by 2025 in commercial vehicle segment

South Korean automaker Hyundai has announced its plans with regard to the electrification of commercial vehicles in the coming years.

The automaker has revealed that it is planning to produce as many as 17 models of electric commercial vehicles, which will be made market-ready by the year 2025. By the mentioned timeline, Hyundai is aiming at the expansion of its commercial-vehicle line-up to include seven battery-electric models and ten fuel cell models.

However, Hyundai has not disclosed the total investment involved in the planned electrification of commercial vehicles.

Going by some of the details announced by Hyundai, the 17 electric commercial vehicles which will become market-ready by 2025 will include a few models planned for use specifically in the country’s capital city Seoul. More explicitly, the models that will become operational in Seoul will include at least one battery-powered bus and one fuel cell-powered bus.

However, in announcing its plans to launch 17 electric commercial models, Hyundai has not shared any information about the specific number of different-sized electric buses, electric trucks, and electric vans that it will develop. The drive technology to be used for the various segments of commercial vehicles has also not been revealed. Nonetheless, against the backdrop of the recent model announcements made by Hyundai, it is projected that the automaker will apparently launch the battery variants on the market.