Volkswagen reduces price of e-Golf in German Market

Volkswagen reduces price of e-Golf in German Market

According to reports, German automaker Volkswagen (VW) has made a downward revision in the price of e-Golf electric car in its home country.

The e-Golf price drop in Germany is evident from the electric car’s website configurator which shows that the vehicle now costs EUR 31,900, instead of its earlier price of EUR 35,900.

Hence, as per the indications from the website configurator, the base price of the Volkswagen e-Golf in Germany has dropped by EUR 4,000.

With the e-Golf base price having being reduced by Volkswagen in Germany, it is projected that the electric car’s price in other countries in Europe will also be successively lowered. The price-drop amount will apparently depend on respective markets. However, as of now, the vehicle’s website configurator in the UK still reflects the old price --- 33,840 pounds (EUR 37,300).

The e-Golf was last given a model upgrade by Volkswagen in spring 2017. The upgrade chiefly unfolded a notably bigger battery pack for the vehicle, thereby increasing its electric range. With the e-Golf still being manufactured, configured and ordered, it is presently not clear when the production of the vehicle will be stopped by Volkswagen. Meanwhile, since the upcoming VW Golf 8 will not be launched as a purely electric model, it is projected that the VW ID.3 will apparently assume the role of e-Golf in future.