Three Yacht crew members saved 500km off New Zealand

Three Yacht crew members saved 500km off New Zealand

A container ship sailing around 500km north of New Zealand were able to save two men and a womanfrom the battered yacht Platino.

The crew members of container ship Southern Lilywere able to save yacht owners Brent and Tory McKeogh and crew member Ross McKee. However, unsafe conditions involving three metre swells and high winds forced them to leave the body of crew member Nick Saull on the leaking 20-metre yacht.

Wellington-based Rescue Co-ordination Centre New Zealand said that an emergency locator beacon had been activated on the yacht in order to track its location. The rescue team is also trying to search for a fifth crewman, who was lost overboard after the yacht sustained damage on Tuesday morning. The fifth crew member was 63 years old and his name has not been released.

An RNZAF P3 Orion has been searching for the fifth crewman. RCCNZ search and rescue mission co-ordinator John Dickson said that the search for the missing sailor will continue around the night when the Orion will return to New Zealand. The aircraft has been searching an area of about 765 square km of ocean.

Dickson also praised the master and crew of the Southern Lily for their efforts in rescuing the crew members.