Wendy’s Company says More Number of Restaurants Affected by Cybersecurity Issues

Wendy’s Company says More Number of Restaurants Affected by Cybersecurity Issues

Cybersecurity issues are plaguing more and more companies and Wendy's Company is the recent victim.

On Thursday, the Dublin, Ohio-based Wendy's Company said recently it has discovered more number of locations which were affected by malicious malware. That totals the number of affected locations to more than three hundred restaurants. The Company has disabled the malware where it has been detected.

The fast food chain operator said that they have disabled the discovered malware in the locations where they were detected. The suspected fraudulent cyber activity was also discovered in some of the company's franchise- operated restaurants.

The company has been continuously investigating some unusual credit card activities at its restaurants. Reports from the investigations indicated that the payment cards which were rightfully used at Wendy's locations might have been used illegitimately at some other places.

Malware which were used by the cyber attackers is very sophisticated and that makes it particularly difficult to identify. In recent times the company detected the new alternatives of the malware and disabled it in its franchise restaurants. Wendy's is still working with experts and the federal law enforcement to detect and handle the situation.

On May 11, the company had reported that malware was detected on the point of sale (POS) system of lesser than three hundred of its Wendy's restaurants in North America which are franchised. According to recent reports, fifty other franchise restaurants are under suspicion of having experienced or found to have been under threat of cybersecurity issues.