Complaint about Discrimination on the Rise from Airbnb Users

Complaint about Discrimination on the Rise from Airbnb Users

Airbnb says at its core is about belonging. But the slogan "belong anywhere" is facing trouble to hold itself high, as more and more users of the service are asking whether the company is doing enough to curb discrimination.

The home-sharing service that has become quite poplar around the world has been accused of shutting doors on the African Americans along with other minority groups. Reports of discrimination from hosts registered with Airbnb are growing. On Sunday, in a recent development Shadi Petosky, an American producer and writer Shadi Petosky, shared her experience of being denied accommodation be to her transgender identity. On Sunday, she tweeted that a Minneapolis woman denied her accommodation and Airbnb did nothing about it.

Whenever, Shadi Petosky books her accommodations through Airbnb, she did disclose her gender identity to her hosts to avoid later unpleasantness. She said, "You don't want there to be a scene when you arrive. It's safer to disclose."

Belonging is not only regarding the user of the services but also employees in the company. The San Francisco company has very few African Americans and Latinos working for it. Last week, Airbnb, the San Francisco, California based company vowed to address the issues of discrimination and unconscious bias. The company says these problems have "plagued societies for centuries."