Peaceful march planned against child abuse followingMoko's case

Peaceful march planned against child abuse followingMoko's case

A peaceful march has been planned to protest against child abuse following the death of three-year-old boy, MokoRangitoheriri, who was killed by people entrusted with taking his care.

The New Plymouth 'March for Moko' is a part of a nationwide campaign to stand up against child abuse. There was a huge outcry and criticism after Moko's killers had their charge of murder reduced to manslaughter. The theme of the rally is 'Stand Up NZ, Enough is Enough' but activists and campaigners said that work will continue to prevent violence against children.

Tania Shailer, who is 26 years old and David Haerewa, who is 43 years old, were entrusted by Moko's parents to take his care. They both pleaded guilty to Moko's manslaughter in May after the young boy suffered weeks of abuse, including being kicked, slapped and stomped on. He died of his injuries on August 10, 2015.

As part of the protest, people from more than 30 towns and cities will gather outside court houses around the country on 27 July this year to show solidarity against child abuse. The rally will coincide with Shailer and Haerewa's sentencing in the High Court at Rotorua.