Government to offer assistance to small tourism centres

Government to offer assistance to small tourism centres John Key, the Prime Minister and Tourism Minister of New Zealand, will soon announce an increase in funding for small tourism centres that attract large number of visitors.

The minister indicated that small communities with low numbers of ratepayers but with a high number of tourists will get assistance from the central government. The increased funding will be used to maintain tourism infrastructure. He will announce the new plans at the Trenz conference in Rotorua. Tourism leaders and operators have expressed that there is a lot of pressure on tourism infrastructure including toilets, roads, car parks and other facilities.

The Tourism Industry Association said that the government's plan to offer help to small communities is a step in the right direction but said that just building few toilets and parking areas will not address the issues faced by the tourism industry in the country. He said that the successful marketing campaign to promote tourism through Tourism NZ has attracted visitors and the government should not ensure that the tourists have a  great experience.

"It's also about improving our roading, walking and cycling tracks, good signage and information, recycling and waste disposal facilities, and adequate water and sewerage systems that meet the needs of locals plus visitors," said TIA chief executive Chris Roberts.