Australian entrepreneursays he created bitcoin

Australian entrepreneursays he created bitcoin

Australian entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright has announced on Monday that he created the popular bitcoin, which is world first somewhat accepted digital currency.

He admitted on Monday that he is the creator of the cryptocurrency following years of speculation. He successfully invented a way for people to send money around the world anonymously, without banks or national currencies. He has provided digital proof to amid doubts over whether his claim is true. The entrepreneur has covered his information well on the internet as there is very little information about the Brisbane-born computer scientist and he has a blog posting warning anyone publishing his information without his permission.

Wright has been using pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto to protect his identity. His identity was first revealed by tech-focused websites Wired and Gizmodo, which said that he was the one behind the creation of the currency. He said that other people decided that he should reveal his identity.

Wright studied at Australia's Charles Sturt University and completed a masters degree in networking and systems administration and another one in management, focused on information technology, and a third in information systems security. He was linked to the institution for a long time as an adjunct academic between 2011 and 2014. The university said that it was an unpaid position and he was not formally employed.