Parents refuse cancer treatment for 6 year old child

Parents refuse cancer treatment for 6 year old child

The parents of a six year old boy in Australia have said that they have refused cancer treatment for six year old son and are opting for alternative treatment in Asia.

They defended their decision to refuse chemotherapy treatment for a malignant brain tumour, in an interview. Angela Kiszko and Adrian Strachan, who are form tehcity of Perth in Australia, said that they want alternative treatments for their son's medulloblastoma instead ofchemotherapy and radiotherapy as recommended by their doctors.

Their son has already undergone a six-hour surgery. The parents appeared on television after a Perth doctor filed a legal complaint against the parents forcing them to take their son to the hospital for treatment. A judge took a decision on medical evidence and the child's best interests, according to the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

Angela Kiszko said in the interview that she does not want her son's brain to be 'fried with radiation' and said that she does not understand the treatment.Family Court Judge Stephen Thackray in March found that the parents were not acting in their child's best interests as doctors said that he would die in few months if proper treatment is not given to him. The doctors also told the court that the child has a 30 per cent prospect of surviving for five years if chemotherapy started immediately and a 50 per cent chance with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy were given.

The parents are appealing the decision and have also appealed to the media. AMA national ethics chairman and Western Australia president Michael Gannon said that the doctor's decision to take legal action in the case was brave.