Study shows premature babies are at higher risk of infections

Study shows premature babies are at higher risk of infectionsAccording to a new research study, premature babies are a t a much higher risk of infectious diseases. The study also showed that the babies are at a higher risk not just when they are born but also through childhood and even until they are teenagers.

The researchers analysed data sets from 700,000children born between 1980 and 2010 in Western Australia. Murdoch Children's Institute Researcher Professor David Burgner pointed out that the risk of diseases is higher until childhood and teen life.

Professor Burgner said, "The risk of being admitted to hospital with infection, so quite severe infection, is at present not only in the first few weeks of life, but actually the risk is then right until we finished the study when the kids turn 18, so it's quite a long-lasting risk."

He also said that the babies born slightly premature also had higher risks of contracting infectious diseases when compared to those who were born after usual time. He said that babies born close to their full term also have a higher risk of the disease.

The study was published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.