Peyton Manning Says Politics is not a Future Option

Peyton Manning Says Politics is not a Future OptionRetired quarterback Peyton Manning is not going to pursu a career politics or its likes and he is very clear about that. On Friday, he said in a press conference held in Indianapolis, "Negative, negative on that."

But what is going to be his next step, even he is not too sure about that. About the future plans Manning said "I haven't. "I really haven't. I've tried to kind of enjoy these conversations going down memory lane if you will. I haven't made any more decisions or had any conversations about what's next. I think I'll be able to keep a fairly normal and somewhat busy offseason. Kind of normal commitments that I do anyway."

To honor him Colts said it will retire his former jersey number 18 and build his statue in front of Lucas Oil Stadium.

Whatever Peyton Manning chooses to do in the future he is expected to be successful. His thinking ability, communicating style and matchless work ethic ensures that he will do well in whatever is future endeavors might be.

A team president, coaching, part owner of a team, a general manager all could be a good option for him. He would surely take up something because he does not seem to be cut out to do nothing!