Gasoline Prices Continue to Climb across California

Gasoline Prices Continue to Climb across California

Keeping with the trends that the experts had predicted, gasoline prices are rising across California.

On Monday, the average retail gasoline prices in San Bernardino County climbed 4.5 cents a gallon compared to last week touching an average of $2.41 a gallon. According to GasBuddy. com, the national average has gone up 3.7 cents a gallon last week to $1.74.

The gas prices on Monday, including the change in prices through the county in last week, the prices were still approximately 94.6 cents a gallon lower compared to last year, same time. If compared to one month back, the average price of gasoline per gallon are
30.2 cents lower.

Gregg Laskoski, GasBuddy. com's Senior Petroleum Analyst said, "We knew it was inevitable. The eight-month decline in prices at the pump that brought the national average as low as $1.67 has come to an end. The plateau or pause in price movement is now behind us as we've had a full week in which the national average has climbed steadily."

According to Laskosk, in some areas like Southern California the prices have increased significantly mainly owing to the refineries transition that saw a shift from the winter blends to production of more expensive summer blends.