Southern California Gas Co. Announces Gas Leak has Been Sealed at Underground Storage Facility

Southern California Gas Co. Announces Gas Leak has Been Sealed at Underground St

On Thursday, the Southern California Gas Co. officials announced that they have controlled the leak at the underground natural gas storage facility, the largest of its kinds in the West that has been discharging noxious gases since October. The leak has driven out thousands of residents away from their Porter Ranch homes which is a neighborhood in Los Angeles. However, the under control leakage from the blown-out well, still needs to be permanently sealed with cement.

Some of the critics have termed this gas leakage as the worst environmental disaster after 2010 BP oil spill. It gave out huge amounts of greenhouse gases which mixed with the atmosphere and drifted till Sacramento in the earlier month forcing Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency.

On Friday, the company released a time lapse video revealing the invisible trail of methane passing through an infrared camera as the long lasting leak came to a stop.

To be doubly sure about the sealing of the leak and safety of residents and to gain their confidence, U.S. Senator, Barbara Boxer called for third-party air quality testing. The leakage drove residents of Porter Ranch from 6,400 homes who met Boxer, stating that they had no trust in the state and local agencies supervising the plugging over the sixteen week long leakage. The gas leak was reported on October 23, in an Aliso Canyon underground storage facility.