Analysis by Deloitte Access Economics Reveals Uber Delivers $80million Worth Yearly Benefits to Australian Consumers

UberAn analysis by Deloitte Access Economics, says that Uber, the ride hailing services company generates yearly benefits of greater than $80 million to Australian consumers.

Uber operates through its app which connects drivers to users and processes fare payments. It also identifies the ratings that the drivers get from their consumers after a journey.

According to the report from Deloitte dubbed, Economic effects of ride sharing in Australia, which was commissioned by Uber, revealed that uberX, had extendd the market for traveling to a particular destination using a third party driver by sixty one percent. More and more consumers are switching to public transport or walking rather than driving their own vehicles.

On Monday, Uber released the report in Melbourne. It is among the few Australian capital cities that still have not given permission to Uber to operate.
In spite of some other states permitting Uber to run its services the Victorian government still has not decided whether to legalize the service.

In October, the Australian Capital Territory legalized Uber and the New South Wales and Western Australia state governments have announced that will make Uber services legal. Queensland is yet to finish reviewing the industry and is expected to take a decision by August.