New Moves by Amazon Aimed at Expanding Logistics Reach into Ocean Shipping

New Moves by Amazon Aimed at Expanding Logistics Reach into Ocean ShippingAmazon is well known for making new moves. After trying options in trucking and air freight, now the company seems to be turning its focus towards the sea.

Reportedly Amazon China, the Chinese affiliate, of the e-commerce company has registered with the U. S. Federal Maritime Commission to turn into a licensed ocean freight forwarder.

On Wednesday, the news of its filing surfaced as Flexport, a freight forwarder for consumer product makers based in San Francisco spotted it.

The regulatory journey is long and this filing is a first step towards it. There are many steps which Amazon China requires to climb before it can actually become listed for transporting ship packages.

The exciting part about it is the way the Seattle based company appears to be developing its own delivery service system. Last couple of years Amazon has ventured into leasing its own cargo jets and trailers in the US and Europe.

Last year, it was reported that Amazon is in the process of negotiating a deal for leasing twenty jets to begin an air- delivery service in the US. Same year, the retail giant bought number of truck trailers that would add to its shipping capacity. It uses a number of on-demand drivers who would deliver packages when required.

However, according to CEO of EasyPost, Jarrett Streebin, this new filing for sea bound freight, seems to be the first attempt by the company towards ocean shipping