How Customers Can Avoid Uber’s New Year’s Eve Price Surge

How Customers Can Avoid Uber’s New Year’s Eve Price SurgeUber, the ride-sharing service provider is once again raising the price on the New Year's Eve to cope with the increasing demand.

David Rohrsheim, general manager for Uber's Australia region says that the spike in pricing is also initiated to provide incentive to drivers to remain on the road when the demand is high.

Rohrsheim said, "Getting drivers out there is our priority, higher fares mean more people will get home. We want part-timers to help out over the New Year period through our UberX service."

Increase in rates is expected to happen between 12:30am and 4am during the New Year's Eve. Last year too Uber attracted much criticism when it raised prices during the same period as some of its customers had to pay $100 or more for short trips.

The customers can expect a rise of up to nine times in price compared to the normal fare when the time comes. Reportedly, last year the price surged six times compared to the normal last year during the New Year's Eve at 2 a. m.

The company said, to avail cheaper ride the passengers should place their Uber car ride requests right at midnight. Or else they could wait for the prices to drop after 3 a. m.

The company's app can be used to keep a track of the price. This trend of raising prices when the demand is high during the New Year was criticized locally as well as nationally.