Syngenta Ready to Discuss Deals with Anyone in the Industry

SyngentReportedly, John Ramsay, the interim CEO of Agrochemicals company Syngenta AG said in an interview its ready to discuss deals with any company in the industry which also includes the biggest seed company in the world, Monsanto Co.

In an interview Ramsay "We are prepared to discuss options with the whole industry, including Monsanto, but our focus has got to be on the ability to actually believe in the value creation and have the confidence we can pull it off."

However according to Ramsay, Monsanto after withdrawing a takeover proposal in August, has not revived its efforts for the same.

There is a major round of shake up noted recently in the seeds and crop industry following the announcement for an all-stock merger between DuPont and Dow Chemical Co last week. The deal is valued at $130 billion.

In August, Monsanto, had withdrawn a proposal to take over Syngenta. Last month the company said that its top executives are discussing matters regarding the option of any acquisition or merger with key rivals in the seed and agrochemical industries.

Last week, reports said China National Chemical Corp or ChemChina was thinking of possible new bid for Syngenta as both had a talk regarding the issue. Ramsay did not make any remarks regarding the status of talks with ChemChina but only said any if the deal progresses, it will have less regulatory hurdles compared to a deal with a Western rival.