Netflix Shows May not be Void of Pre-Roll Promotions After all

Netflix Shows May not be Void of Pre-Roll Promotions After allNetflix subscriber rarely has to watch promotional snippets before their favorite TV shows and that's how it differs from the programs like the popular Thursday night drama, "How to Get Away with Murder" on ABC.

When watching something on Netflix, the pre-roll promotion is really uncommon. However when Disney/ABC TV Group agreed to license the popular show, it negotiated to showcase ABC's promotion as well as vignettes of some of the other shows owned by Disney on Netflix.

For the viewers, a promotional video for a few seconds really does not matter but it matters for the networks as they want to maintain the relevance of their brands. They want to make sure that viewers have a clue about the shows origin and where should they look for fresh episodes.

A spokesperson from Disney/ABC TV Group said, "Netflix is a valued distributor that now provides robust cross-promotional opportunities for our networks and our series. It's a win-win for both sides."

However, a sportsperson from Netflix declined to comment.

In earlier times Netflix usually made an effort to resist any request for promotional branding stance at the very beginning of the show. The streaming service also took an uncompromising attitude toward permitting a network to put its logo on a show's title card on the home page.