Google Plans to Start Drone Delivery in 2017

Google Plans to Start Drone Delivery in 2017Reportedly, Google's Project Wing leader, David Vos said that the American tech company plans to start operating its drone delivery service in the year 2017. The announcement was made by Vos at an air traffic convention organized in Washington.

Drone use for commercial purpose is a highly debated issue and of late the authorities made it compulsory for all drone owners, whether commercial or for entertainment, to register their devices.

According to Vos, Google wants the FAA to permit the drones to fly in a zone that's high enough for the heavily populated areas but not that high for them to encounter any commercial aircraft, or low-flying helicopters.

Google's target for 2017 seems to be quite ambitious and the company will have to perfect its product in an attempt to steer clear of the regulatory obstacles.

Vos said, "We're pretty much on a campaign here, working with the FAA, working with the small UAV community and the aviation community at large, to move things along. We think we can accomplish a lot in the next three, six, 12 months. And we're hoping to get some strong support to make this happen."

Google is not the one who wants to try out the drone delivery. Major companies like Amazon and Walmart are also contenders for a similar cause.