Twitter Hires Omid Kordestani Google’s Chief Business Officer

Twitter Hires Omid Kordestani Google’s Chief Business OfficerTwitter is making big changes and just announced that Google's chief business officer Omid Kordestani will be its new executive chairman.

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey announced on October 13 that the company is trimming costs and laying off about eight percent of its staff. But hiring Omid Kordestani must have cost Twitter quite a bit, to get him with the team.

Kordestani, who was among the very first set of Google's employees, left the company in 2009 but last August came back as the chief business officer. On his return he was handsomely rewarded by the multinational technology company.

He was the highest paid employee according to the annual proxy filing by Google for 2014. He received close to $130 million last year as compensation. Along with his yearly salary of $236,500 and a bonus of $6.5 million he also received stock awards which were worth $123.5 million or more. A Google spokesperson said, "We're excited for Omid and very happy for Twitter. Omid was instrumental in establishing Google's business and helped us develop really close, longstanding partnerships across the industry."