In July Migrants Arrive in Greater Numbers in New Zealand

MigrantsFigures from Statistics New Zealand show that greater numbers of migrants are moving into New Zealand. The net migration in July reflected 5750, the highest monthly rate of inflow ever recorded.

The record show that in July10,620 people migrated to New Zealand and only 4879 people left the country. There was another record set for net annual migration at 59,639 for the year which ended in July.

The total figure also included the 52,744 migrants who were of working age migrants and that adds to the workers pool in New Zealand.

Chris Tennent-Brown, ASB senior economist says that the net migration figures are expected to continue at the same level for about the coming three months.

He said, “But we acknowledge picking the time of a change in current migration patterns is difficult. Continued strong inflows will support labour capacity and contain wages.” He added that the increase in immigration also signal at an increasing demand for housing mainly in Auckland.

Statistics NZ said that the lift was also fuelled by arrivals with student visas. In July, arrival of students generally spikes.