Some Things Offered by the Airlines that Can Make Air Travel a Pleasant Experience

Some Things Offered by the Airlines that Can Make Air Travel a Pleasant ExperienceIf you thought that summer travelers only had complaints about the over booked planes, lesser leg space and less frequent flier miles then you might have mistaken.

There is no denying that those problems persist, but amidst that too, some bright spots might bring a smile to the travelers face.

If you are the kind of person who likes some entertainment while flying, then there's good news for you. Most airlines including American, Southwest, Delta, Alaska, JetBlue and United all are providing different modes of entertainment for the passengers. You can stream TV shows and movies directly to your tablet or smartphone and that's a great way to shift your attention from the crowded space.

As for your baggage, though most airlines charge a fee of $25 to check bags, now they are thinking that the extra money which you pay should guarantee something in return. Some guarantee extra frequent flier miles where as some promise a voucher. Check out what's the offer from your carrier.

Traditionally while flying, passengers had wait before they could buy some food or drink from the cart when it was rolled in by the flight attendants. But, Virgin America has introduced a new system which permits its passengers to order cookies, margaritas, chicken sandwiches through the touchscreen placed in front of them. With food and drink refill, the journey's got to be better for sure!