Finance Ministers of Euro Zone Reschedule Greece Meeting to 1530 GMT on Wednesday

// Eurogroup's conference call held by the finance ministers of the Euro zone to discuss matters related to Greece have been delayed by six hours and will be held on Wednesday at 1530 GMT. The alteration in timings was made due to requests coming from several ministers said a spokesman of the group.

The meeting was called on Tuesday, following a request for a new loan by Greece. However, many of the finance ministers had other appointments clashing with the timing and requested a change in the schedule. The Euro Zone ministers are likely to go into the minute details of the letter that has come from Alexis Tsipras, the Prime Minister of Greece.

On Wednesday, Greece is expected to resume talks with its creditors. The investors hope that the parties will be able to come up with some arrangement which might bring back financially tattered Greece from leaving the Euro zone.

As for Greece, right now it is stuck in a financial crisis, lacking a bailout program and looking for a bailout extention. Heading towards a referendum which means more austerity could be one way to slacken the tension but in case votes for a "No" to Sunday's reform proposals, there may be no way out for the country but to leave the euro zone.