Virgin Group Names Mary Wittenberg as CEO of its ‘Sport’ Venture

Virgin Group Names Mary Wittenberg as CEO of its ‘Sport’ VentureSports, is the latest buzz word for Virgin Group right now, as it prepares for the launch of its latest endeavor, Virgin Sport.

The company named Mary Wittenberg as the CEO of its new entity. Wittenberg will be leaving the post of President and CEO of New York Road Runners to join Virgin Sport. The new arm of Virgin, will aims to encourage more participation events that involve running and cycling said a blog post by Richard Branson, Virgin's CEO.

Virgin Sport will be a platform based in New York, which will help community leaders in various countries like the U. S., South Africa and the U. K. and will also plan sports events like triathlons and marathons.

Virgin Group, through Sport, expects to grow its fitness portfolio and is hoping that Wittenberg will be able to move it in the path of similar success like she did for New York Marathon.

Wittenberg said, "We [Virgin Sport] are looking to do multiple events in each different community and be a year-round presence there. We are looking to be part of the connective tissue of the region."