Stir unveils the world’s smartest desk --- the motorized Kinect Desk

Stir unveils the world’s smartest desk --- the motorized Kinect DeskIn a recent announcement, Stir has unveiled its intelligent and motorized Kinect Desk. Apparently the smartest desk in the world, the Stir Kinect Desk even has the capability to `breathe' so as to help the users improve their posture.

With an exorbitant price-tag of $3,900, the Stir Kinect Desk includes support for Fitbit fitness tracking technology. The desk has a motor which allows the users to raise or lower the desk, thereby converting it into a standing desk or a traditional desk. According to experts, changing a seated desk to a standing desk can bring about an improvement in productivity.

Boasting the capability to track the amount of movement made by the users, the Kinect Desk can also work with a Fitbit device to add the calories burnt by the users while at the desk to their daily calorie count.

In addition, the Stir Kinect Desk is also programmable by the users. It can be programmed to move up and down slightly, in such a way that the speed of the up-down movement is precisely the same as that of a resting human heartbeat. As such, it appears that the desk is taking a gentle breath to give the users a reminder to change their position.

Revealing that the Kinect Desk also has a built-in touchscreen to control and track movement, Stir CEO JP Labrosse said: "Our goal is to increase movement, productivity, health, and inspiration at work by leveraging cutting-edge health tracking software and devices."