Google reportedly planning to offer “heavily subsidized” Wi-Fi gear to businesses

Google reportedly planning to offer “heavily subsidized” Wi-Fi gear to businessesThe Information. com has revealed in a recent report that Google apparently has efforts underway to offer deeply discounted commercial-grade Wi-Fi hardware and software to small- and medium-sized businesses, from as early as this summer.

The Information report claims that it has come to know of Google's plans - to offer affordable Wi-Fi equipment to businesses - via "a person briefed on the project" and also through a leaked Google document.

The unidentified source apparently told The Information that Google is preparing to offer "heavily subsidized" Wi-Fi gear to small- and medium-sized businesses. The company's reported efforts will essentially be targeted at locations like restaurants and gyms, where consumers are likely to visit frequently and desire Internet access.

It is possible that Google might require Wi-Fi users to "sign in" to their Google account, so that the company would be able to collect more personal information about them and target ads to them.

Nonetheless, revealing that the Wi-Fi equipment will be offered to the businesses at a sizeable discount, The Information said in its report that Google plans to roll out this initiative to the US and to the other countries of the world.